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Trapped Miner Tests with QMRS
Article in 'WVUToday'
Article in 'Australian Mining Magazine'

Feb 2015 QLD Australia - In conjunction with ANE and QMRS - Succesful Trapped Miner test, rapid deployment within 10 minutes. Real time detection of Miners Trapped underground. 100% detection, no false positives.



Oct 2011 issue - WVU mining enginerring professor's device seeks and saves trapped coal miners

Sept 2011 issue - BREAKING NEW GROUND: a new development in seismic monitoring will make underground mining safer.

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SureWave Technology introduces a truly amazing technology, capable of detecting and identifying microseismic signals generated up to 2,000' below ground, so providing the ability to locate trapped miners or illegal tunnelers where this was not previously possible.

After more than ten years of research and development by its founder, SureWave Technology has been formed to bring to the market a "game-changing" range of products, based on highly sophisticated techniques for measuring and monitoring microseismic activity below ground, as well as noise, vibration and movement above ground.

In short, SureWave Technology has broken the seismic "sound barrier"; a momentous technological breakthrough.

Our technology literally filters out all the extraneous seismic signals, so that it can "hear" microscopic seismic sounds that may be only 1/100,000th or 1/1,000,000th of the surrounding noise.  It is the seismic equivalent of sitting in a major concert hall, listening to a symphony orchestra, and being able to hear the quietest instrument repeating a single note, while eliminating the crescendo of sound produced by the rest of the orchestra.

This independently tested and verified technology (see verification report) is overturning fundamental preconceptions as to the limits of what is achievable in the fields of surveillance and security, mine monitoring and civil engineering.

This site seeks to give an indication of the boundless problem solving applications of this revolutionary technology.

This site seeks to introduce our instrumentation utilizing our unique
technology and to show how we solve issues in Security, Mining and
Environmental Engineering together with our award winning solution for
Civil Engineering.

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